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Five Mind Numbing Facts About Student Travel!

 As kids, we always used to get excited when we hear the word picnic or educational trips in school. No matter how older we get we will always have the same feeling. Especially when it is  with our friends. Most of the Indian parents may not approve for a trip with friends. But no matter what they say and no matter what all you have to do to get their approval, just do it. Because  it’s all worth it. It’s nothing like going on a trip with college friends. Everyone should least experience once in their college life.

So, here are the reasons why everyone should go on a college trip and what makes it so special.


In college, you might hang out with the same 2-3 people every day. But when you are on a trip you can make a lot of friends. You get to know about other batchmates and their nature. There  are chances you can bond with new friends because when you are out there without your family you’ve got your batchmates to look after each other. In a trip, it is always fun to hang out with  as many people as possible.


College trip is not only fun but also teaches us to be responsible. We might have been to trips with the family where our parents take care of us and our stuff. But with friends, you have to take care of all your stuff related to the trip and also look after each other.


We can make a lot of memories in these trips. You get to experience a new place and new people. These experiences give you memories for a lifetime. We can never forget them, and they make us happy whenever we remember about college days or you see pictures from those trips.


Going to a trip itself means experiencing new things. You get to experience a new place, people, food and lifestyle. It is all about the place you choose to go to. You can come out of your comfort zone and get to do something different which you have never done before. And having these experiences with friends makes it much more fun and memorable.


Going on such trips you get to know a lot about yourself. You can come out of your comfort zone to assess your capabilities and weakness. It boosts your morale confidence that you can be independent and capable of taking care of yourself.

Lastly, it’s all about the memories and happiness you get out of a trip. It’s okay to get away from your normal life and have some fun. So never hesitate or think twice when your friends plan a trip.


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