How Your Brand Can Make a Splash on Generation Z.

The college student segment is made up of nearly 33 million Indian students.

Marketing to this young, influential group is a powerful way to create lifelong customers. Currently, college students come from the millennial generation or Generation Z, and have had access to the internet for most or all of their lives.

Students are teaching enterprising marketers some valuable lessons about their future customers. Among them are several reasons why they are worth a slice of your marketing budget.

Marketing Strategies For College Students

Marketing successfully to college students means being able to market to both millennials and Generation Z, because they make up the majority of college students. Traditional ads aren’t the best way to reach today’s college students, because they are less likely to notice TV ads, magazine than their counterparts. Most students now use ad blockers or rely on streaming services without ads. The best way to engage with and market to college students is through CollegeDeals is the Student Affinity Network with access to college and university students in the country.

What We Do

We provide integrated campaigns and solutions to help you reach students - the highest value consumer group of all time.

Drive growth now and build for the future

Amplify your brand message

Our student audience is engaged and ready to listen; use our platform to tell your story. Want more? We’ll use first-hand audience intelligence to build omnichannel campaigns to achieve your objectives.

Nurture long-term loyalty

We know targeted offers, competitions and authentic content encourage students to buy more, and more often. Win over the hearts of 16-24’s now and they’ll become your future loyal customer base.

Supercharge your student marketing strategy today

Whatever your objectives are, we’ll work with you to plan and execute an impactful student marketing campaign. With our verification technology always at the core of what we do, we’ll help you to strike the perfect balance of advertising and insights to achieve optimal results.